The War Prayer by Steven Mark Kohn (4719)

The War Prayer by Steven Mark Kohn
Model# 4719

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Title: The War Prayer

Composer: Steven Mark Kohn

Text adapted from Mark Twain

Key: High (Transposed key)

Also available: Medium key CVR4718 and Low key CVR4720 

(c) 2013 Steven Mark Kohn, Quiet Room Music (BMI)

Selling Agent: Classical Vocal Reprints

From the Composer's notes:

Mark Twain wrote "The War Prayer" in 1904-1905 to protest America's involvement in the Spanish-American War. His family convinced him to keep it from publication, fearing it was too controversial. It was published after his death.

Twain made the case that if God causes all things to happen and bless select people, then He must also, willingly, deny others His blessing. (One might ask how many innocent people drowned int the great flood, while only Noah's family was spared).

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