The Art of the Castrato - An Opera Aria Anthology for the Contralto Voice - Volume 1 (GE0039)

The Art of the Castrato - An Opera Aria Anthology for the Contralto Voice - Volume 1
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The Art of the Castrato Volume 1

This anthology contains 60 arias by 38 composers from 57 operas dated between 1661 and 1772. The composers include Handel, Vivaldi, Scarlatti, Ariosti, J.C. Bach and Mozart. Each aria was composed for an alto castrato, making this collection unique and an invaluable tool for countertenors and contraltos who are looking for material for auditions and recitals. It is also highly useful for the scholar of the development of operatic music from the Baroque the birth of Classicism.

Edited by Alejandro Garri

Keyboard reductions by Kent Carlson

Volume I
1. Stradella, Alessandro (1639-1682): "Raffrena i pianti"; libretto by Sebastiano Baldini; Rinaldo's aria from Loschiavo liberato (Rome,
c.1675) Durata: 3'40"
2. Gasparini, Francesco (1668-1727): "Porto piagato in petto"; libretto by Apostolo Zeno and Pietro Pariati; Ambleto's aria from Ambleto
(Venice, 1705) Durata: 3'20"
3. Fux, Johann Joseph (1660/61-1741): "Felice io me n'andro"; libretto by Pietro Pariati; Orfeo's aria from Orfeo ed Euridice (Vienna, 1715) Dura ta: 6 '00"
4. Scarlatti, Alessandro ( 1660-1725): "Me felice"; libretto by Domenico Lalli; Policare's aria from Tigrane (Naples, 1715) Durata: 7'30"
5. Bononcini, Giovanni Battista ( 16 70-174 7): "La costanza"; libretto by Apostolo Zeno and Pietro Pariati; Clearco's aria from Astarto
(Rome, 1715) Durata: 4'30" 

6. Sarri, Domenico (1679-1744): "Lieto gia di sue vendette"; libretto by Antonio Salvi; Megabise's aria from Arsace (Naples, 1718) Durata: 3'30"
7. Conti, Francesco ( 1681 / 82-1 732): "Fido amava un bell'oggetto"; libretto by Apostolo Zeno and Pietro Pariati?; Fernando's aria from
Don Chisciotte in Sierra Morena (Vienna, 1 719) Durata: 7'00"
8. Ariosti, Attilio (1666-1729): "Voi d'un figlio"; libretto by Nicola Francesco Haym; Coriolano's aria from fl Coriolano (London, 1723) Dura ta: 8 '00"
9. Handel, George F. (1685-1759): "Vivi, tiranno!"; libretto by
Nicola Francesco Haym; Bertarido's aria from Rodelinda (London, 1725) Durata: 5'30"
10. Caldara, Antonio (c.1670-1736): "Gemo in un punto"; libretto by Pietro Metastasio; Licida's aria from L'Olimpiade (Vienna, 1733)
Dura ta: 4 '30"
11. Vivaldi, Antonio ( 1678-17 41): "Gl'oltraggi della sorte"; libretto by Girolamo Giusti; Montezuma's aria from Montezuma (Venice, 1733) Durata: 5'30"
12. Gluck, Christoph W. von (1714-1787): "Oscura i1 sol le stelle"; libretto by Pietro Metastasio; Licenza's aria from Semiramide
riconosciuta (Vienna, 1748) Durata: 5'15"
13. Perez, David (1711-1778): "Ritorna in quest'alma"; libretto by Giannambrogio Migliavacca?; Selimo's aria from Solimano (Lisbon, 175 7) Dura ta: 7 '50"

14. Bach, Johann Ch. (1735-1782): "Vo solcando un mar crudele"; libretto by Pietro Metastasio; Arbace's aria from Artaserse (Turin, 1760)

15. Mozart, Wolfgang A. (1756-1791): "Ah di si nobil alma"; libretto by Giuseppe Parini; Ascanio's aria from Ascanio in Alba (Milan, 1771) Durata: 4'10"

Format: 8.5 x 11 inches in USA (Coil binding)

(c) 2000 by Alejandro Garri.

Printed by Classical Vocal Reprints, authorized selling agent starting April 2019

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