Songs for Baritone Volume 2 by Tom Cipullo (ECS8877)

Songs for Baritone Volume 2 by Tom Cipullo
Model# ECS8877

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Of the 12 songs in this collection, the final one, A Clear Midnight, stands alone, and is excerpted from Insomnia, a ten-movement, thiry-minute piece work for four voices. An Earth to Walk Upon, a set of six songs, reflects on life in this physical world and compares our inner life to what we see around us. The five songs that make up Drifts and Shadows present dreamlike imagery and wintry allusions.
An Earth to Walk Upon
1. Rough Country
2. Prayer at Winter Solstice
3. Unsaid
4. Progress Report
5. Money
6. A Curse on Geographers
Drifts and Shadows
1. blizzard
2. The Almanac of Last Things
3. In Back Of
4. Subway
5. the arithmetic of alternation
A Clear Midnight

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