Piango gemo sospiro e peno (4758)

Piango gemo sospiro e peno
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Composer: Antonio Vivaldi

Category: Cantata

Voice Type: Alto

Instrumentation: Voice with realized and unrealized Continuo

Orig Language: Italian

Editor: Alejandro Garri

Publisher: Garri Editions

Number of Pages: 27

Copyright Year: 2013

Composer: Antonio Vivaldi (Misattributed)

Title: Piango gemo sospiro e peno

Cantata for Alto & Basso continuo (Range: Low A - High D)

1. Aria: Piango gemo sospiro e peno

2. Recit: Povero cor

3. Pur che a te grata sia la mia morte

Transcribed and edited by Dr. Alejandro Garri

Continuo realized for keyboard and unrealized

Co-Production: Garri Editions & Classical Vocal Reprints

(c) 2013 Alejandro Garri

First Published Sept. 2013

Classical Vocal Reprints for USA

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