Fifteen Songs by Jeremiah Clarke (c. 1674-1707) (Cla 1)

Fifteen Songs by Jeremiah Clarke (c. 1674-1707)
Model# Cla 1

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Composer: Jeremiah Clarke (c. 1674-1707)

for High Voice (c'-c") and continuo

Edited and reconstructed by Timothy Roberts

Green Man Press (c) 2013

Produced under license by Classical Vocal Reprints


1. So sweet the charms of love

2. Young Corydon and Phyllis

3. Long has Pastora rul'd the plain

4. The Country Farmer

5. Come, sweet lass

6. Jockey was dowdy lad

7. Farewell, ungrateful nymph, farewell

8. Oh! I feel the might dart

9. In faith, 'tis true I am in love

10. A Divine Hymn

11. I'm wounded by Amanda's eyes

12. Serene and gentle was the air

13. Ah! Charmion, shroud those killing eyes

14. While the lover is thinking

15. Each tender virgin's fears will fly


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