An Anthology of African and African Diaspora Songs - 60 Songs (5282)

An Anthology of African and African Diaspora Songs - 60 Songs
Model# 5282

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 An Anthology of African and African Diaspora Songs

(Repertoire for the College Singer)

Editors: Louise Toppin & Scott Piper 

36 Songs are for High Voice - Medium to High Voice

24 Songs are for Medium - Medium to Low Voice

See ranges below

Table of contents: Adams, H. Leslie Amazing Grace [C#4-G5] Christmas Lullaby[D4-Gb5] Sence You Went Away[C#4-D5] The Heart of a Woman [A3-D5] Baker, David The Alarm Clock [C4-F#5] Bonds, Margaret The Negro Speaks of Rivers [A3-F#5] Brown, Charles Caring [C4-Gb5] Desire [D4-Eb5] Burleigh, Henry T. Your Eyes So Deep [F#4-G5] Your Lips Are Wine [F#4-Bb5] Capers, Valerie Autumn [C4-A5] Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel Elëanore [E4-F5] The Willow Song [C4-G5] Cunningham, Arthur Minakesh [Eb3-F5] Davison Watkins, Harriette Stars [E4-G5] Dawson, William L. Out in the Fields [Eb4-Ab5] Fax, Mark The Refused [E4-F#5] Forsythe, Bruce With Rue My Heart Is Laden [C#4-E5] Gomes, Antônio Carlos Suspiro d’alma [D4-G5] Hailstork, Adolphus If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking [D4-G5] Longing [Db4-Gb5] Loveliest of Trees [Eb4-Bb5] Hairston, Jacqueline Dormi, Jesu [F#4-G5] Hare, Maud Cuney Gardé Piti Mulet Là [D4-D5] Herbison, Jeraldine I’ll Not Forget [C4-G5] Holland, Jonathan Little Elegy [F#4-C#5] Hollifield, Sylvia In Time of Silver Rain [D3-Eb4] Hughes, Langston The Founding Fathers [C4-D5] This is My Land [Ab3-Ab5] Johnson, J. Rosamond L’il Gal [C4-E5] Kerr, Thomas Soliloquy [Bb3-D5] McLin, Lena Amazing Grace [D4-E5] The Year’s at the Spring [Bb3-A5] Moore, Undine Smith I Am in Doubt [E4-A5] I Want to Die While You Love Me [A3-D4] Myers, Andre For a Poet [B3-E5] Nickerson, Camille Chere, Mo Lemmé Toi [Bb3-Eb5] Gué, Gué, Solingaie [F4-Bb5] Onovwerosuoke, Fred Mshila [D4-G5] Osterman, Eurydice Entreaty (I Am the Rose of Sharon) [C4-A5] Owens, Robert Could I but Ride Indefinite [C3-Eb4] Die Nacht [A3-D5] From the Dark Tower [E4-G5] The Lynching [Ab2-D4] The Secret [E4-A5] Perkinson, Coleridge-Taylor Madrigal [B3-E5] Perry, Zenobia Powell O Children of Men [E4-A5] Powell, Rosephayne I Want to Die While You Love Me [E4 -A5] Price, Florence Spring [E4-G5] The Sum [Eb4-F5] Ragland, Dave Martin Luther King, Jr. [E4-A5] Shanti, Nadine Mangez, Boulez (Eat, Drink, Be Merry) [C#4-A5] Simon, Carlos Prayer [F2-F4] Smith, Hale Troubled Woman [D#4-Ab5] Smith, Irene Britton Why Fades a Dream?[Bb3-F5] Spencer, Brandon Dream Variations [C4-B5] Stewart, Hilbert Spring Song [E4-A5] Swanson, Howard One Day [G#4-A5] Walker, George I Went to Heaven [F#4-E5] Young, Aurelia Norris Swamp [B3-E5]

From the Editor's notes:

First, our goal with this anthology was to present repertoire focused specifically on the needs of college students.  That means we looked for repertoire that was unique, stylistically varied, musically challenging, and utilized poetry that covered a wide array of subjects.  Second, although our repertoire does include a few historically significant composers, we chose to offer a balanced perspective from varying generations, genders, and narratives which provides a wide swath of vocal experiences.   Last, as we live in a more global society, we expanded the definition of Black art song to include works from African and African Diaspora composers. (We are using the term African Diaspora to include anyone of African Descent worldwide).  These works allow students to explore multiple languages through songs in French (creole), Portuguese, German, and a song in Pende from the Congo. 

 306 pages

 Catalog No. CVR 5282


NATS Texoma African American Art Song Alliance New Repertoire Black Composers

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