4 Sonatas (CN17)

Composer: Cecilia Barthelemon

CN17.   Barthélemon, 4 Sonatas… (piano w/vln, fl, and/or cello)

 Score & parts set                                                      $50.00

Publisher: ClarNan Editions, CN17

CN17. [4] Accompanied Keyboard Sonatas for the Piano forte or Harpsichord, with violin, violin and

cello, and flute and cello, respectively (1791-c.1795). Edited by Calvert Johnson (1993). Score &

2 partbooks

            English singer and keyboardist. Her parents were also professional musicians in London.  

She published several volumes of music, one of which was dedicated to her friend Joseph Haydn.

This edition brings together all her works for accompanied piano/harpsichord.

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