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Classical Vocal Reprints
Saracen Songs (7 Songs)
Saracen Songs (7 Songs) (0665)


Composer: Henry Thacker Burleigh
Voice Type: HIGH Voice and Piano

Words: Fred. G. Bowles


1. Almona - Song of Hassan (A Major)

2. O, Night of Dream and Wonder - Almona's Song (B flat minor)

3. His Helmet's Blaze - Almona's song of Yussouf to Hassan (A minor)

4. I hear his footsteps, music sweet - Almona's song of delight (E minor)

5. Thou art weary - Almona's song to Yussouf (G flat Major)

6. This is Nirvana - Yussouf's song to Almona (E flat Major)

7. Ahmed's Song of Farewell (B minor)

Reprint: G. Ricordi Plate No. 114182

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