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Classical Vocal Reprints
Songs for Tenor Volume 1 by Tom Cipullo
Songs for Tenor Volume 1 by Tom Cipullo (ECS8875)
Four Long Island Songs are to poems by William Heyen, and recall a place far different than the traffic jams and strip malls of today would lead you to believe. The Land of Nod is a set of four songs on the quirky, humor-laden poems of Alice Wirth Gray. Finally, Rapture is a wedding song which perfectly captures the tenderness in George Eliot's poem.
Long Island Songs
1. Invocation
2. The Odor of Pear
3. The Nesconset Crickets
4. The Crane at Gibbs’ Pond
The Land of Nod
1. The Land of Nod
2. A Death in the Family
3. Deer in Mist and Almonds
4. On a 19th Century Color Lithograph of Red Riding Hood by the Artist J. H.
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