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Classical Vocal Reprints
Four Dickinson Songs - Bass and Piano (New Edition 11-20-2019)
Four Dickinson Songs - Bass and Piano (New Edition 11-20-2019) (5211)

Composer: Lori Laitman
Voice Type: Bass Voice and Piano

1. Will There Really Be A Morning?

2. I'm Nobody

3. She Died

4. If I... can stop one Heart from breaking

 (About 10 minutes)

I composed Four Dickinson Songs in the spring of 1996. The combination of these poems allows for dramatic musical contrasts within the cycle. The wistful Will There Really Be A Morning? gives way to the humorous and bouncy I’m Nobody. The elegiac ambience of She Died is created by a sparse opening piano accompaniment that later alternates with fluid meters. If I..., was written as a gift for my father’s 80th birthday. Its simple, accessible melody passes from voice to piano and back again before ending with the singer humming. My father lived to be almost 100 — and this song always reminds me of him.

These were recorded by Jennifer Check and Warren Jones, and you can listen on YouTube.

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