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Classical Vocal Reprints
3 Arias from the opera Talestri, regina delle amazzoni (1765)
3 Arias from the opera Talestri, regina delle amazzoni (1765) (CN42score)

Composer: Maria Antonia Walpurgis (1724-1780)

Title: Three Arias from Talestri, regina delle amazzoni (Talestri, Queen of the Amzons) (1765)

1. Vado; ma il core oh Dio! (aria for soprano and strings)

2. Per me ti serba (aria for soprano and strings)

3. Dove son?...Pallid' ombra (accompanied recitative for soprano and strings, aria for soprano, strings, 2 flutes, and 2 bassoons)

Category: Women Composers

Instrumentation: Full Score with realized continuo

Editor: Jill Fankhauser

Orig Language: Italian

Publisher: ClarNan Editions, CN42 score

(c) 2002 by Jill Fankhauser

Score: $38.00

Piano vocal score: $17.00

Orchestra parts set (strings, 2 flutes, 2 bassoons, bc) $40.00

List Price: $0.00 Manufacturer: CLASSICAL VOCAL REPRINTS
Price: $38.00 (Save $-38.00) Model Number: CN42score

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