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Classical Vocal Reprints
Cabaret Duets Volume 7
Cabaret Duets Volume 7 (5155)

Composer: Madeleine Dring

Title: Volume 7: Cabaret Duets

Editor: Wanda Brister


 Two duets from Somebody’s Murdered Uncle! (1947)

            I Should Have Trusted You, Darling (S/B)* 

            There’s Nothing To Stop Us Now, Dear (S/B

 Two duets from Airs on a Shoestring (1953)

            The Model Models (Two ladies, spoken)

            Sing High, Sing Low (S/B)

 Duet from Fresh Airs (1956) (cut from show)

            Belinda and Dot (Two ladies) 

 Duet from Child’s Play (1958)

            Hearts and Arrows (S/B)

 Duets from RCM “Union At Home” (a yearly event)

            Introduction (S/B) (1967)

            The Spider and the Fly (S/B) (1967)

 Pelicans (any combination)

Phyllida’s Love Call (S/B) (Phyllida and Corydon)   

         *Most duets can be sung by soprano/mezzo-soprano or by tenor/baritone


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