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Classical Vocal Reprints
Songs Without Opus Number (Lieder ohne Opuszahl)
Songs Without Opus Number (Lieder ohne Opuszahl) (HL-50600439) Between 1890 and 1916 Sergei Rachmaninoff composed a total of eighty-five art songs. Often referred to as “romances,” most are settings of romantic poems, usually by Russian poets. Seventy-one of them were published under various opus numbers, but fourteen did not appear in print during his lifetime at all and bear no opus number. This volume is the first to present these songs in a German adaptation, along with the original Russian text.

Publisher: Sikorski
Publication Date: 09/2015
Medium: Softcover
Pages: 60
Length: 11.50 in.
Width: 8.25 in.
Series: Vocal
List Price: $34.00 Manufacturer:
Price: $30.60 (Save $3.40) Model Number: HL-50600439

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