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Classical Vocal Reprints
Vingt Melodies Part II.
Vingt Melodies Part II. (21361)
Composer: Ange Flégier (1846-1927) 
French composer who wrote over 300 works -- piano music (including a concerto, 1900), over 100 mélodies, the comic opera Fatma premiered at the Grand Théâtre de Marseille in 1875, the oratorio Ossian (Marseille, 1885), and chamber music for woodwinds and strings -- a trio for oboe, clarinet and bassoon (1896); a quartet for two oboes and two bassoons; and a dixtuor for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn and string quintet.
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In Two Parts. #11-20. High. Bb3-Db6. French.

Ange Flegier

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