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Classical Vocal Reprints
Carmen Fantasia
Carmen Fantasia (AL-00-DH002CD) The Barbara Butler/Charles Geyer project was designed to create works that would showcase the multiple talents of the talented trumpet duo (also husband and wife!). The works included in the project are described above and include Carmen Fantasia, Under Gypsy Skies and Stephen Foster Sett. Upon completion of the works and following multiple performances, a recording was made with the Northwestern University Orchestra (where Butler and Geyer are on the faculty) providing the accompaniment for each composition.

Publisher: ALFRED
Publication Date: 4/2004
Artist: Butler, Barbara; Geyer, Charles; Hunsberger, Donald
Medium: CD
ISBN: 0757919979
Instrument: Concert Band
Genre: Masterwork Arrangement
List Price: $17.95 Manufacturer: ALFRED
Price: $17.95 (Save $0.00) Model Number: AL-00-DH002CD

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