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Classical Vocal Reprints
Hanon for Students, Book 2: 7 Varied Exercises from The Virtuoso Pi
Hanon for Students, Book 2: 7 Varied Exercises from <i>The Virtuoso Pi (AL-00-39069) Hanon for Students, Book 2, contains exercises 7--13 from The Virtuoso Pianist, Book 1. The exercises are notated in eighth notes for one octave so that students may begin to use them effectively at the early-intermediate level. Each exercise appears five times to be played with a legato touch, varied articulation, varied dynamics, varied rhythm, and transposed to B-flat or D.

"This new series differs from others in that it encourages thoughtful and musical practicing."
-Yiyi Ku,

Publisher: ALFRED
Publication Date: 3/2012
Medium: Book
Pages: 40
Series: For Students
ISBN: 0739087657
Instrument: Piano
Genre: Masterwork
Level: Early Intermediate
List Price: $9.50 Manufacturer: ALFRED
Price: $8.55 (Save $0.95) Model Number: AL-00-39069

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