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Nisi Dominus RV803: Critical Edition Score
Nisi Dominus RV803: Critical Edition Score (HL-50485491) Psalm 126 for Soprano, 2 Contraltos, Viola d'amore, Chalumeau Tenore, Violin “in tromba marina,” Violoncello, Organ, 2 Violins, Viola and Basso Continuo.

The Nisi Dominus is an unpublished work recently re-discovered and attributed to Vivaldi. Now part of the New Critical Edition, this Nisi Dominus (an intonation of Psalm 126 in eight movements) was only re-discovered in May 2003. Until then it had escaped the notice of scholars since its only source - a score kept in Dresden - attributed it to Galuppi rather than its real author, Vivaldi. This is the “missing” work of the five psalms that Vivaldi wrote for the Ospedale della Pietà in 1739, two years before his death.

The work consists of parts for a soprano, two contraltos, no fewer than five obbligato instruments (viola d'amore, cello, tenor chalumeau pipe, organ and “tromba marina”), string instruments and basso continuo. Each obbligato instrument appears with special prominence in one of the movements.

This exotic orchestration makes this Vivaldi's most coloured sacred vocal work (apart from his Juditha triumphans).

The Nisi Dominus is a highly interesting work, as its clearly shows how the composer was absorbing many aspects of the new gallant style in his last few years, while still keeping his own artistic personality intact.

This edition is accompanied by a critical section in Italian and English.

Publisher: Ricordi
Publication Date: 02/2004
Pages: 102
Length: 10.50 in.
Width: 7.75 in.
Series: Study Score
ISBN: 0634073060
List Price: $35.00 Manufacturer:
Price: $31.50 (Save $3.50) Model Number: HL-50485491

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