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Classical Vocal Reprints
études Book III (Nos.21-30)(1999-2000)
études Book III (Nos.21-30)(1999-2000) (EP67928C) Composer: Rakowski David Additional Details: Contents: Twelve-Step Program (no.21 1999; ca. 3'; etude on chromatic scales and wedges) - Schnozzage (no.22 1999; ca. 2'; etude for nose or third hand) - You Dirty Rag (no.23 1999; ca. 2.5'; etude on melody in the left thumb) - Horned In (no.24 1999; ca. 2'; etude on horn fifths) - Fists of Fury (no.25 1999; ca. 3'; etude for fists) - Once Bitten (no.26 2000; ca 2.5'; etude on mordents) - Halftone (no.27 2000; ca. 2';' Left-hand/ Right-hand/Black-key/White-key etude) - You've Got Scale (no.28 2000; ca. 3'; etude on scales and arpeggios) - Roll Your Own (no.29 2000; ca. 3'.5'; etude on rolled chords) - A Gliss is Just a Gliss (no.30 2000; ca. 2'; etude on glissandi) Music Type: Piano (Solo) Composition Date: 1999-2000
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