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Glory Denied - 2 Arias - Catalogue Aria & Congregation Aria
Glory Denied - 2 Arias - Catalogue Aria & Congregation Aria (ECS8609E)

Two Airas for High Baritone from " Glory Denied "

 Young Thompson was captured as a POW in the Vietnam War. Now, as Old Thompson, he sings the "Catalogue Aria" after receiving a letter from Richard Nixon which warns that he might find some differences in the America to which he returns. Tom's pent-up frustration comes tumbling out in a sort of patter-rant in the contemporary musical language which the composer uses throughout the opera.

 In the "Congregation Aria," old Tom thanks his church for their acceptance and welcome upon his return home. The slow, expressive nature of the music hints at Tom's desire to return to a simpler life, and belies the fact that his family is, in fact, in complete turmoil. This juxtaposition of nostalgia and present reality is deeply moving.

Composer: Tom Cipullo
Voice Type: BARITONE

Piano Reduction

1. Catalogue Aria

2. Congregation Aria

(c) 2007 Tom Cipullo and Tom Philpott

Copyright assigned 2017 to E. C. Schirmer Music Co., Inc.

Originally sold as CVR 4431 by Classical Vocal Reprints

New Edition ECS8609E (c) 2017 E. C. Schirmer Music Co., Inc.

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