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Andate, o miei sospiri by Domenico Sarri
Andate, o miei sospiri by Domenico Sarri (Sar 1)

Domenico Sarri (b. 1679 - d. 1744)

Domenico Sarri or Sarro was one of a generation of gifted composers to have come to maturity in Naples, and although he has tended to be overshadowed by some others, this may be principally because he lived and operated almost exclusively in Naples itself. In his own domain he was held in high regard as a composer, and produced a great number of operas, as well many sacred works, in particular oratorios, and many celebratory pieces marking court and civic occasions.

Sar 1

Andate, o miei sospiri


Cantata a Voce sola con 2 obuč


Edited by Cedric Lee


for soprano (e'-a'') 2 oboes and continuo

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The present work, Cantata a Voce sola con 2 obuč  is dated 1719, and is unusual in having oboes as obbligato instruments. This work is to be found in the Library of the Royal College of Music in a bound collection of 18th century manuscripts of works by 11 composers of mainly Italian origin. We are indebted to the Librarian for his kind assistance in furnishing a copy of this work. The same collection includes the cantata Quanto dolce č uell’ardore by Francesco Mancini, which is also published by Green Man Press, ref. Man 1.

This cantata starts with a lengthy overture in two movements marked Arioso and Vivace. The voice opens with a recitative to the words “Andate o miei sospiri” which is followed by 2 da capo arias, marked respectively Amoroso and Andante, alternating with a second recitative.

This delightful work is full of lyrical, poetic expression, undergirded with quite adventurous harmonic structures.

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