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Classical Vocal Reprints
études Book V (Nos.41-50)(2002)
études Book V (Nos.41-50)(2002) (EP67928E) Composer: Rakowski David Additional Details: Contents: Bop It (no.41 2002; ca. 3'; bop etude) - Madam I'm Adam (no.42; ca. 2.5'; little palindrome etude) - Wiggle Room (no.43 2002; ca. 3'; etude on fast notes moving in parallel) - Triaddled (no.44 2002; ca. 2.5'; etude on triads) - Pink Tab (no.45 2002; ca. 3'; accelerando- ritenuto etude) - Durchraust die Luft (no.46 2002; ca. 2.5'; etude on sevenths) - Fra Diabolis (no.47 2002; ca. 2.5'; etude on tritones) - What Half-Diminishes One (Half-Diminishes All) (no.48 2002; ca. 3'; chorale-etude on half-diminished seventh chords) - Saltimmano (no.49 2002; ca. 3'; finger- pedaling etude) - No Stranger to Our Planet (no.50 2002; ca. 2.5'; etude on register shifts) Music Type: Piano (Solo) Composition Date: 2002
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