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Burning Sled Music - Vocal Music of Daron Hagen

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Welcome to Classical Vocal Reprints and Recital Publications - the only sheet music store you’ll ever need for classical music for the voice. Serving the vocal community since 1974. Print music specialists for Art Song, Oratorio, Opera, Choral and Musical Theatre scores.

To find Advanced Search, click GO at the "blank" search engine. Then enter the exact title at Keywords and choose "search for exact phrase". 

Shipping charges are for USA only. International shipping charges are $22.50 minimum. We will confirm International shipping charges before charging your credit card.


International shipping is at cost. International Priority Flat Rate (6-10 days) is a minimum of $22.50 for Canada and $32.95 for Europe & UK. Inquire first before paying with PayPal.
We have a new state of the art Search Engine that works extremely well. 

We have it all (opera, oratorio, art songs, specialty numbers, musical theatre, new composers, rare music and old favorites) and almost everything is in stock. We even carry things that are otherwise out-of-print. Our own publications catalog exceeds 7,000 titles and our archive is close to 200,000 titles. There are also hundreds of thousands of publications we can order from publishers worldwide. We are the selling agent for many living American Art Song Composers. Just type the composer's name in the search engine in the upper right hand corner of this page.

If you want a PDF download, go to: however we are starting to add them on this website. See upper left tab: Digital Downloads

Can't find what you are looking for? Call us at 1-800-298-7474 or 1-479-442-2595 or please use our contact us page.

If possible, place your order online, as these orders are processed first. However if you cannot locate something, NEVER hesitate to contact us by phone or email: . Time constraints forbid us from accepting special orders that require hours of research, but you should let us determine that. If you know the publisher's catalog number that will certainly help or use one or two words in your search. Searching via Google with the prefix of Classical Vocal Rep may get a better result. Don't be embarrassed to ask and don't assume we don't have something because you do not see it listed. Our first priority is shipping the orders that have been placed.

Please note: Minimum order for Choral Octavos, 5 copies. Orders under that amount may be cancelled. Inquire first.

If you find yourself in the position where you need a piece of music immediately, try our new download pdf website. Under Search by Categories there is a link: Download Sheet Music. This will take you to our pdf download website. There are over 5,000 titles in the CVR Catalog and if you don't find it, ask us. We may be able to scan and pdf your request to you. (We are on Central Time in the USA so if you are in Europe and make a request in the morning, please realize we may still be asleep).

Our complete stock is not listed on this website, so inquiries are welcome. Many publishers such as International Music Co., LudwigMasters, ECS Publishing are currently not on this website but we do carry a large inventory of these companies.

We sell New and Used Printed Music of All Publishers, Classical and Popular Musical Theatre.

With the addition of Recital Publications in 2016, we have now been serving the Vocal Arts since 1974.

Secure online ordering. PDF delivery may not be immediate in some cases and we reserve the right to take 24 hours to get the scores uploaded. No refunds will be made unless we cannot deliver within a 48 hour period. Terms subject to change.

How to use this website for Printed Music:

1. Search at upper right hand corner. 2. Put item in shopping cart. 3. You can then open your account and will be able to proceed following the prompts.

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